Phoenix Fuels E-voucher in the STORE of the Pluxee Philippines app

Valid from January 25, 2024 to January 25, 2026

Convert your Pluxee Gift credits into Phoenix E-voucher at the ‘STORE’ of your Pluxee Philippines app!

Promo Mechanics:

  1. Get Phoenix Fuels e-voucher codes at face value using Pluxee Gift credits with this limited offer!

  2. Log into your Pluxee Philippines app, click the ‘SHOP’ tab, choose ‘PnxFuels’ on the list of Merchants, and select the denomination amount to redeem

  3. Take note of the expiry date, review the payment details, and tap ‘Pay’. Make sure you have enough Pluxee Gift credits to convert.

  4. Check the Terms & Conditions regarding the use of Phoenix Fuels e-voucher codes at and make one final swipe to proceed with the conversion transaction

  5. A unique Phoenix Fuels alphanumeric e-voucher code will be sent to you in your Pluxee Philippines app. Details will also be saved on your app’s ‘Inbox’ tab and sent to your registered email address.

  6. TO CLAIM YOUR PHOENIX PULSE FUEL E-VOUCHER VIA LIMITLESS APP: From the homepage, click ‘e-voucher’. Then, click the “Claim voucher” button at the bottom right of the screen. Enter your unique Phoenix Pulse Fuel e-voucher code in the pop-up screen, and click ‘OK’. A voucher card will display on the app, proceed to click ‘Claim e-voucher’. Then, a confirmation screen will display to settle your successful code redemption. Click ‘OK’ to close. The claimed e-voucher will display in the app with a corresponding denomination and quantity. An inbox notification will also be available inside your LIMITLESS app once transaction is successful.

  7. TO REDEEM YOUR PHOENIX PULSE FUEL AT THE GAS STATION: Inform the Phoenix Pulse Fuel Gas Station Attendant that you will redeem fuel via LIMITLESS app. Then, connect to an internet source, open the LIMITLESS app, click the ‘Rewards’ tab from the menu bar, and click ‘My vouchers’ on top of the screen. Define the quantity that you wish to consume, then, select ‘Generate QR code’. A QR code will be generated by LIMITLESS app, valid for 15 minutes only. Present this QR code to the Gas Attendant to redeem. Once scanned successfully, a confirmation message will be displayed in the app, and the Gas Attendant will load the user’s preferred fuel brand to your vehicle.

  8. Take note that printed hard copies of the generated QR code will not be honored in the gas stations. Only the generated and valid QR code directly from the LIMITLESS app may be used to redeem.

  9. Phoenix Pulse Fuels e-voucher codes can only be used to avail of petroleum fuel that will be used to directly refill any vehicle. It cannot be used to purchase Phoenix LPG Gas or any other product type in the LIMITLESS app.

  10. Phoenix Pulse Fuels e-voucher codes is valid for redemption at all Phoenix Pulse Fuels branches nationwide. For the full list of accepting gas stations, visit

  11. Only persons aged 18 or above may access or use the LIMITLESS mobile app.

  12. The Phoenix Pulse Fuels e-voucher code can only be used in the ‘My vouchers’ section of the LIMITLESS app. It cannot be applied on the promo code field elsewhere in the app.

  13. The Phoenix Pulse Fuels e-voucher code may be used at no minimum spend and is valid for a single transaction, one-time use only. Once loaded into the LIMITLESS app, the entire value of the e-voucher code will be redeemed into the user’s LIMITLESS app account.

  14. Should the total bill exceed your available LIMITLESS QR code value, the user will shoulder and pay the difference through any other payment modes accepted at Phoenix gas stations.

  15. In case the generated LIMITLESS QR code was not scanned, used, or expired after the 15-minute validity period, the user can re-generate another LIMITLESS QR code until the Phoenix Gas Attendant successfully redeems the QR code.

  16. The Phoenix Pulse Fuels (via LIMITLESS app) e-voucher code is non-extendable, non-voidable, non-convertible to cash, non-transferable to other LIMITLESS App accounts, and non-withdrawable once loaded into the LIMITLESS app account.

  17. The Phoenix Pulse Fuels (via LIMITLESS app) e-voucher code cannot be combined with other discounts (such as senior citizen, product, and PWDs) for fuels and lubricants purchase.

  18. All loaded Phoenix Pulse Fuels e-voucher codes to the LIMITLESS app are subject to expire after 1 year starting your last transaction date. Please make sure to redeem your fuel needs in full voucher amount at the nearest Phoenix gas station as early as you can.

  19. The Phoenix Pulse Fuels (via LIMITLESS app) e-voucher code may be subject to other Terms & Conditions of LIMITLESS app, as reflected on, applicable on the LIMITLESS app platform. Phoenix Pulse Fuels reserves the right to decide on all matters and disputes pertaining to the use of Phoenix Pulse Fuels (via LIMITLESS App) e-voucher codes.

  20. For any questions or clarifications, you may contact the Phoenix Pulse Fuels (via LIMITLESS App) Support Team at 0917-127-6914 to 16 (for Globe subscribers) or 0998-598-0715 to 17 (for Smart subscribers) or send an email to

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-176037 Series of 2023

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