Puregold E-voucher in the STORE of the Pluxee Philippines app

Valid from January 25, 2024 to January 25, 2025

Convert your Pluxee Gift credits into Puregold eGift Code at the ‘STORE’ of your Pluxee Philippines app!

Promo Mechanics:

  1. Log into your Pluxee Philippines app, click the ‘SHOP’ tab, choose ‘Puregold’, and select the denomination amount to redeem.

  2. Take note of the expiry date, review the payment details, and tap ‘Pay’. Make sure you have enough Pluxee Gift credits to convert.

  3. Check the Terms & Conditions regarding the use of Puregold eGift codes at and make one final swipe to proceed with the conversion transaction.

  4. A unique Puregold alphanumeric eGift code with a corresponding denomination value and validity date period will be sent to you in your Pluxee Philippines app. Details will also be saved on your app’s ‘Inbox’ tab and sent to your registered email address

  5. To redeem, simply go to your preferred Puregold store location.

  6. Go to Customer Service and fill out a ‘Code Slip’ based on the details of Puregold eGift code that was received in the Inbox of the Sodexo+ app.

  7. Go to Customer Service and fill out a ‘Code Slip’ based on the details of Puregold eGift code that was received in the Inbox of the Pluxee Philippines app.

  8. Write the ‘Voucher code’ in the ‘Reference Code’ field, the amount of the eGift code and the customer's name with signature.

  9. After filling out of the ‘Code slip’, select the item/s that will be purchased at Puregold.

  10. Proceed to the cashier and present the accomplished ‘Code slip’.

  11. Puregold frontliner will enter the ‘Reference Code’ to validate the eGift code and confirm the denomination.

  12. Once the eGift code is validated, frontliner will select ‘Payout’ in the system to proceed with the transaction. If the total bill exceeds the amount of eGift code, user may pay the difference using other modes of payment.

  13. Puregold eGift code may be used at no minimum spend and is valid for a single transaction, one-time use only. If the total value of the eGift code is not used up, there will be no change given. If the total bill exceeds your available Puregold eGift code value, the user will shoulder and pay the difference through any other payment modes accepted.

  14. The Puregold eGift code is non-refundable, non-exchangeable, non-extendable, non-voidable, and non-convertible to cash.

  15. The Puregold eGift code may be subject to other Terms & Conditions of Puregold and/or eGift denomination by Giftaway, as reflected on the and Puregold and Giftaway reserves the right to decide on all matters and disputes pertaining to the use of Puregold eGift codes.

  16. For any questions or clarifications, you may contact the Giftaway Customer Service Team via email to

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